Mint Skin and Beauty is very proud to be a leading CACI salon in Australia with very happy clients and strong loyal following. We thank all our clients who travel from near and far from all across Brisbane to see us. Did you know that we are the only salon in Australia to own and operate 2 top of the range CACI Ultimate machines? Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Hilton, Marriott, Golden Door Spa, NV Perricone Spa are some of the leading aesthetic clinics, spas, hotels and health clubs where you will find CACI Non Surgical Face Lift treatments as their TOP ANTI AGEING FACIAL on the menu.

CACI Non Surgical Face Lifts are becoming so popular at Mint we purchased our second machine within six months of operation. Our first machine was performing up to 8 full treatments a day back to back. Phew! Word had gotten out that it is possible to enjoy the advantages of a face lift without surgery! Our clients wanted to look fresher and more youthful without the hassle, pain, risks, cost and recovery time of actually going under the knife. They found the perfect solution. CACI is painless, affordable and clinically trialled to work.

CACI Non Surgical Face Lifts have a massive celebrity following and are regularly featured in magazines and media in the UK and USA. Movie stars, royalty and TV personalities swear by its results. Madonna and JLo loved the treatment so much they wanted to take the machine home with them. And they did, they purchased their own machines for home!

What is CACI?

CACI (which stands for ‘Computer-Aided Cosmetology Instrument’) is an advanced aesthetic treatment system which provides a Non-Surgical Face Lift by lifting and tightening muscles using micro-current through the skin.

As we grow older our facial muscles naturally start to lose tone and elasticity. Genetics, lifestyle, weight fluctuation and environmental factors can all influence the rate and degree to which our muscles will lose their tone as we all know first impressions count and a sagging face can make you look tired, miserable and older than your years.

Micro-current therapy was originally developed as a medical application to treat facial palsy and muscle tone was restored by applying tiny micro-current electrical impulses to the affected muscles. Today this proven technology is now available in thousands of aesthetic clinics as a painless cosmetic treatment and is commonly referred to as “facial toning” or “the non surgical face lift”.

Mint Skin and Beauty is the only beauty salon in Australia with two of its own CACI Ultimate machines.

What can CACI do for me?

As an aesthetic treatment micro-current stimulation has been shown to have a number of other cosmetic benefits:

- re-educates muscles;
- increases blood and lymph circulation;
- enhances the penetration of the active ingredients of skin care formulations;
- increases the production of collagen and elastin;
- increases protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis and cell membrane transport; and
- increases mitochondria activity.

During each 1 hour treatment session all 32 facial muscles are gently manipulated and re-educated by a trained therapist using a series of precise movements. Soft cotton tipped wands are used on the face to transmit the micro-current energy to the facial muscles to restore tone and elasticity.

Each client is different and the results depend on your own bio chemistry and current muscle tone. Some clients see dramatic results after the first treatment while for others it is more subtle. We take before and after photos for you so that there is a reference for comparisons later on. CACI toning can be likened to going to the gym for the face. For some gym goers, visible results happen very quickly while for others it takes a little longer – going to the gym however will definitely have great benefits regardless and as with CACI, improvements great or small will start from the first treatment. Your body’s own individual bio chemistry and current muscle tone needs to be taken into consideration.

What should I expect after one treatment?

Small to medium changes: a good boost to the skin: increased hydration, plumper skin, reduced fine lines, temporary slight or medium lift, smaller pore size, improved circulation, healthier appearance, calmer skin, more even skin tone.

The results of one single treatment will last a few days so many clients like to have this treatment for special occasions like weddings, functions and parties. In this situation the CACI treatment is used as a booster or flash treatment. For long term results we recommend a course of treatments.

What should I see after a course of treatments?

Noticeable lifting, smoother contours, jowl lift – tighter appearance, eye lift – stronger muscles (brighter eye area, reduction in eye bags, reduction in deep lines, firmer skin, dramatic improvement in skin health and increased skin function)

We offer a range of courses usually done twice a week over a set period of time. The 16 session course done over 8 weeks is the most popular course and the one we recommend. This is the clinically trialled ‘pre conditioning’ course which will strengthen and tone so that only monthly maintenance is necessary after it is completed to maintain and build on results.

Are CACI treatments painful?

No, CACI treatments are sub sensory – a painless treatment. Some clients may experience a slight metallic taste and this is completely normal. Your highly trained CACI therapist will guide you through the treatment ensuring comfort at all times.

Is there recovery/ down time?

No, you can jump straight back into your day looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Sometimes there may be a little redness due to increased circulation and stimulation which can easily be covered with a little foundation. We have a selection of mineral foundations at the salon if you would like some applied before you leave.

How do I book in?

Contact us, or drop into our salon to speak to one of our consultants about what CACI can do for you today.

CACI International

Hear more about CACI  from Mary Overton from CACI UK in the 5 minute video below.

History of Micro-current Treatment

In the 1960’s Drs S. Baker and S.Doyle demonstrated that effective and long term muscle re-education could only be achieved using micro-current if ultra low frequencies (less than 1 Hertz)  were used.

In his book, The Body Electric Dr Robert O. Becker, indicates that to be effective micro-current impulses need to be delivered using a modified waveform that is able to overcome the body’s natural resistance to current ( Ohms law) without causing client discomfort.

Combining ultra low frequencies with a modified waveform enables the micro-current to recharge the electrical potential of the muscle by stimulating the spindle cell fibers that run the length of the muscle and attach to the golgi tendon organ in the belly of the muscle. This golgi tendon organ (GTO) simulation technique was developed by Dr George Goodheart in the late 60’s.

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