IPL and Fractional Laser

Our laser sessions with Lucie are fortnightly, contact us for next available sessions. 

Why choose Mint for your IPL and laser treatments?

At Mint we only use the best laser equipment available. Not all lasers are created equal, and with the growth in popularity of laser treatments the quality of systems being used in the market varies greatly. A cheap, poorly made laser that is incorrectly calibrated will not apply and maintain the correct power consistently, which will mean ineffective results. At Mint we use the Palomar system, which ranks amongst the most respected IPL systems internationally. The Palomar Aesthetic System is the next generation of platform technology, with high peak powers, state of the art cooling, built in calibration, and the Skintel reader – the only FDA cleared melanin reader. The Palomar system provides fast treatments with excellent outcomes and user experience.

Also critical for effective laser treatments is an experienced operator who knows how to obtain the best results for your treatment. At Mint we are proud to have Lucie on our team to assist you with all your IPL and laser needs. Lucie is a former nurse and has performed over 40,000 laser treatments in the past 14 years. Read more about her experience here.

We offer complimentary consultations with our Senior IPL Technician, Lucie, to discuss your medical history, skin concerns, skin type and treatment needs. Prices start from $50 for a session. Contact us to arrange an appointment.


What is IPL?

Intense pulsed light, or IPL for short, is a safe and proven technology that uses a broad spectrum lightsource to perform skin treatments such as hair removal, photorejuvenation and removal of pigmentation. IPL works by applying specific light spectrum to target particular structures and chromophores (molecules responsible for colour) in the skin.

For IPL hair removal, a focused, broad spectrum light is applied which travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shaft or the bulb of the hair. This light is converted to heat energy which heats up and vapourises the hair shaft and bulb. The heat radiated by the hair also destroys the structure underlying the hair follicle thereby limiting regrowth of the hair. At any one time, not all hair follicles are ‘active’, and only active hair follicles can be affected and destroyed by the treatment. ‘Inactive’ hair follicles can be treated as they become ‘active’ over time.

What can IPL do for me?

At Mint Skin and Beauty, we provide IPL treatments to our clients who seek a lasting and long term hair removal solution. IPL is applied to remove the applicable hair for a course of regular treatments (usually once a month for between 6-8 treatments, depending on the hair). Depending on the area being treated, a treatment will take between 5 to 40 minutes. During an IPL treatment the client will feel a warm tingling sensation on the area being treated, and after treatment there may be mild irritation or redness on the area, which will usually fade in a few hours.

Contrary to some popular belief and claims made by some treatment providers, IPL does not result in ‘permanent’ hair removal where the hair never grows back. Although this is the case for some clients, hair follicles can regenerate over time. Generally, clients can expect a significant and lasting reduction in hair growth following a course of IPL treatments.

How do I prepare for IPL?

It is recommended NOT to pluck or wax the hair in the 7 days prior to an IPL treatment as this will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. The hair follicle will need in place and visible for best results using IPL.

Although there is no evidence that IPL adversely affects pregnancy, however, as safety of our clients is of utmost importance we do not perform IPL treatments on pregnant clients or those trying to become pregnant.

What do I do after my IPL treatment?

There is no special routine after receiving IPL, however, it is recommended not to exfoliate the treatment area for at least 3 days after your treatment and that you avoid excessive sun exposure or heat exposure (eg. saunas). The treated area may suffer from some redness therefore you should avoid touching or irritating the area.


What is a fractional laser?

Fractional laser is a laser beam procedure used to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. When the laser energy is applied, it vaporizes a layer of skin to a precisely-controlled depth. Rather than affecting a whole area, the laser beam is broken into pinpoint areas of your skin to create microscopic channels which are surrounded by healthy, untreated skin. The treated areas ‘heal’ and in the process stimulate production of new collagen, plumping up the skin and smoothing out wrinkles, lines, scars and other irregularities. As the name suggests, only a fraction of the skin is directly treated with the laser so healing time is quick and down time is short.  Fractional laser has the unique ability to penetrate very deep into the skin, but with very little heat damage to surrounding tissue.

What can fractional laser do for me?

The fractional laser can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions including:

- acne scars and pit scarring
- skin blemishes, freckles and pigmentation
- wrinkles and fine lines
- sun-induced damage and aged skin

The face and neck are the most common area for treatment, however, most other skin areas can also be treated. Your laser technician can adjust the laser settings appropriately for the specific area being treated.

What can I expect from a fractional laser treatment?

A fractional laser treatment takes between 15-30 minutes depending on the condition and size of the area being treated. Depending on your individual needs, fractional laser treatments are usually done in a course of 1 to 5 treatments, usually spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart.

Immediately after the treatment, the treated area may have redness and soreness similar to sunburn. Complete healing is dependent on the channel depth of the laser used and also upon the density of the channels. You will be advised of this before your treatment. Usually, healing takes place and redness will recede 3 to 5 days after treatment.Your laser technician will advise you on after treatment care and recommend the most suitable products to use on your skin after your session.

Your skin will be more sensitive to ultraviolet light after the procedure. Consequently, you must avoid direct sun exposure until redness has faded. You should always use sun protection to avoid sun damage and premature ageing of your skin.


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